Myths and lies about hair care

There are many myths and lies about hair care all around you. You may even believe to many of them. This article will give you an overview about the most common ones.

1st: Regular trimming and hair growth or density
Many of us believe that in order to accelerate the growth of the hair we have to trim split ends regularly. Even those who have very thin and fine hair believe that they should cut their hair short and then it will definitely thicken. The hair trimming might bring you a nice optical effect. Your hair might seem a bit thicker, but it will certainly not change the whole hair structure. In terms of the growth rate, regardless of whether you will trim it or not, hair will grow as fast or slow as it always does. Purpose of a regular trimming is to keep ends healthier and prettier to look at.

2nd: Never pluck off gray hair
Have you found a gray hair on your head?  Are you afraid to pluck it off, because another two would appear? Then you believe to another myth about hair. It is not true that plucking off the gray hair triggers an excessive growth of more gray hair. You can pluck one or two gray hair and when there will be more, think rather of an appropriate hair dye.

3rd: The more hair you brush your hair, the more beautiful it will be
Have you heard that the hair has to be brushed a hundred times before going to the bed to be beautiful and healthy? Do not believe it! Excessive brushing has the opposite effect and if it is too much, it may lead to an excessive hair breakage.


4th: Shampoo always twice
Hair washing have also one another myth about shampooing twice. It’s not necessary to shampoo your hair twice. There is no proof it helps more, you just run of the shampoo faster.

5th: Nettle speeds up the hair growth
Unfortunately, your hair will not grow any faster if you will rinse it with a solution of nettles or any other herbs. It is nice to believe that there exists something like that, but nettle will not help you in this direction (and actually not even expensive products). Rate of the hair growth is usually predetermined genetically and growth may be only slowed down by some diseases, stress or improper nutrition.

6th: Beautiful hair just because of cosmetics?
Do you think that the look of your hair is influenced only by how you care of it and what cosmetic products you are using? This is a big mistake! Hair does not respond only to the external care, but also to our diet, health and overall well-being. Stress, lack of vitamins and minerals, smoking and some diseases will result in a deterioration of the condition of your hair and it is not only about how you care of it from outside.



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