Cindy Crawford: I am not afraid of aging anymore!

What is the secret of Cindy Crawford and how she keeps her beautiful body with natural curves even when being a mother of two? Cindy says her main advantage is that she isn’t afraid of aging anymore. She actually cannot enjoys being older and more wise than when she was at the beginning of her carrier. When she turn forty it just reminded how time flies like crazy. She is sometimes so busy that it seems to her that everything is spinning very fast.

What is the secret of her amazing shape? Cindy Crawford
Diets are not working on the long term run. People just have to learn how to eat. She herself avoids cheese or other fatty foods. She eats as many vegetables as possible and of course fish and pasta. She eats breakfasts regularly and tries to stick to 5 meals per day.

What professional advice would does she give to those who would like to be successful like her?
Cindy says: “You need to know what is expected of you and to show that you are ready for this. You have to forget your fears, emotions or moods, when coming to the job. Look confident and professional.

Cindy is known for being a proud promoter of Meaningful Beauty cosmetic product line. She believes those products are real miracle in anti-aging treatment. Her products are successful because of the active antioxidant from unique melon specie and high level of SPF, since skin needs protection against damaging sun light especially in California, where Cindy lives. Cindy says she puts lot of emphasis on regular and proper skin care including exfoliation, cleansing and skin tone unifying. Well, she has been gifted with perfect skin, so we can only try to believe it’s not 100% in genes.

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